Roseland Christian Reformed Church

Roseland Christian Reformed Church is the worshipping body of RCM.  Each Sunday morning at 11AM, the people of God from Roseland Christian Ministries gather together in worship.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, members of the congregation hold a bible study and prayer meeting for anybody in the community standing in the need of prayer and support.  Each Wednesday night the community gathers again to worship and learn more about the Word of God.  In addition to the youth programs at RCM, RCRC also has a youth choir available to any children in the community who have a desire to praise God in song.  The choir travels across the country sharing the gifts and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  RCRC also engages the community in giving away food boxes to community members in need of assistance every thanksgiving and Christmas as well as monthly community dinners for anyone in the community in need of a meal and fellowship.   God is actively working in this congregation.  We invite and host dozens of visiting congregations each year.  Come worship with us.  We proclaim boldly that God’s Kingdom reigns in our work, worship, and word!