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My dad served on the Roseland Christian School board for many years, so when Joe asked me if I’d like to help, I was happy to try. I’ve been listening for opportunities to help build bridges to people outside of the ministry, and I’ve learned that there are a lot of good people here, and a great history. I would hope that this community knows they are loved, appreciated, and that they fit into not only the community here, but also into the city of Chicago — and to where God and his ministry are going in the future. With all the prominent violence, it’s a tough battle, but I want them to know that they are cared for. In a way, I want to give back and help people who need it. But I also want the chance to learn about other people’s culture, their lives, and learn from them. I think if we can spread love in the world, that will help some of the things that we’re struggling with.

I like to believe that if you use your heart, good things are going to happen.

They’re doing so many great things here — if we can help these folks and tell these stories, I just think that’s the whole mission. That’s really why I signed up.