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I grew up in the Roseland area, not too far from here, and actually attended Roseland Christian School. I remember asking a classmate once where they lived, because that’s the thing we’d say, and she actually lived in the Roseland Christian Ministry Shelter. That was surprising to me. As I grew to be an adult, I got to see the work continued by Pastor Joe, who was a peer. To see that work continue was just really gratifying, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Roseland helps those who are less fortunate, but doesn’t take pity.

It really lifts up people, in a way that doesn't make them feel less fortunate.

It makes them feel blessed richly that they have encountered your path. And so this is a family for many of the people that walk through the doors, like the women that were seeking shelter with their children, or people that are looking for a hot meal. And I think that is the element that we need to keep in mind: We treat people with the love of Christ. What is happening here is that there is an extension of family, and they’re being invited in.