Our Mission

We love the
people of Roseland

At Roseland Christian Ministries, we see church as more than a congregation or a community—we see it as a calling. We feel deeply the greatest commandment to love God, and to act on that love of God by loving our neighbor. Every member of the Roseland community is our neighbor, and we love them.

How do we do that? One person at a time. By providing places and programs that care for their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, and giving them the support they need to face their challenges while learning from one another and growing together.

Meet Our

DeWitt Casey


DeWitt Casey has been part of Roseland Christian Ministries from the very beginning. He currently serves as custodian but has held numerous jobs at RCM. He also plays the congas and sings during worship services at RCM.

Mary Houtsma

Chief Financial Officer

Mary, a Business Administration graduate of Dordt College, joined the staff in 2002. She considers it a privilege to be responsible for the financial stewardship of RCM.

Glenn Hudson

Worship Pastor

Glenn calls Roseland home—his family has been here for 3-4 decades. He has been worship pastor at RCM since May 2018.

Joe Huizenga

Pastor/Executive Director

Joe began as an intern in 2000 and has been at Roseland ever since. He leads the whole team as pastor and director, a position he’s held for 12 years.

Sandi Nelson

Development Manager

Sandi has been on staff since May 2018 but has been affiliated with the organization since 1983. She brings the news and needs of Roseland to the broader community, forming and forging relationships with community leaders, ministries, and organizations.

Kisha Pleasant

Ministry Director

In 2011, Kisha started as bus driver, and then was a custodian and volunteer coordinator. Then an assistant director to the Grow program, Administrator, and now Kisha oversees all ministries at Roseland.

Jamal Spells

Thrift Store Manager

Jamal has been a Roseland resident for 4 years. He became the Roseland Thrift Store manager in July 2018. He enjoys helping people and serving the community.

Sandra Taylor

Meal Coordinator

Sandra is the meal coordinator for RCM. She worked for Chicago Public Schools for 34 years. She loves people and loves to cook.